Why should the Long Tunnel Variant at Dartford be the choice for the crossing?

No need for Option C; No ‘new’ people exposed to noise or emission pollution;
No need for a new bridge at Dartford either;
Provides motorway-to-motorway link (Highways England’s clear preference);
M25 through traffic no longer has to use the A282; it separates motorway and non-motorway traffic;
It doesn’t interfere with the existing bridge or tunnels;
Massive reduction in traffic, noise, and pollution through the populated parts of Dartford;
Massive reduction in traffic through junctions 2, 1B, 1A, 30, & 31;
No buildings need to be demolished;
Minimal distrubance to the existing crossing while the work is carried out;
5 or 6 miles of vehicle emissions can now be ‘captured’ and either filtered or directed away from population centres;
A ‘Win-Win’ for Dartford & Gravesham;
Would probably cost no more (maybe considerably less) than the cost of Option C and the bridge at Dartford which we all know is needed.

It’s not as mad as you might think…

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