It is natural for anyone when they hear that a proposal will mean that their house will be blighted to join the NIMBY gang, but we all have to think beyond that and look at the bigger picture, as merely being a NIMBY will never win an argument.
Looking extensively at the Option C plan one of its primary solutions in theory is that it would assist with the haulage traffic from Calais. But wait a minute we already have the solution for that, it’s called the Shuttle which is already built and vastly under-utilised. Why not in addition to the terminal at Ashford have a terminal at Thurrock, or even the land vacated by Fords at Dagenham. Haulage trucks could then swiftly travel from Calais to the selected new terminal north of the Thames in a very short space of time. Most haulage traffic is going north and by taking this option they would be swiftly on their journey without congestion on any road.

The cost of building the railway is nil, the environmental saving would be enormous and the building of the terminal would be funded by Europe.
Can it be that easy?

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  1. Robert says:

    So this is the reason for the crossing? It’s not related to the potential airport? Isn’t building another bridge simply moving the problem from Dartford at huge expense? So not actually resolving anything. Except maybe generating construction jobs. I like the idea of extending the railway but that still needs to cross the Thames somewhere. Maybe I’m missing something. I agree we need solutions but we first need clarity on what the problem is we’re trying to resolve and not just another knee jerk reaction by the government to trumpet it’s infrastructure investment.

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