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    Abridge2far has written to Patrick McLoughlin, Secretary of State for Transport, demanding that the Government urgently investigates the staggering 170% increase in the cost of an extra bridge at Dartford, and the mysterious doubling of ‘value for money’ claimed for the crossing east of Gravesend.
    During the previous consultation in 2013, the cost of a bridge at Dartford was estimated to be £1.25 billion, just 40% of the cost of a tunnel east of Gravesend. In the latest consultation documents, the cost has been increased by 170% to £3.4 billion.
    We are now expected to believe that the cost of a single bridge at Dartford requiring minimal alterations to the existing infrastructure, would now cost almost as much as two 3km long tunnels east of Gravesend, plus a 25km dual carriageway and 3 complex motorway junctions.
    At the same time, the value for money measure for the crossing east of Gravesend, which was inferior to Dartford during the previous consultation, has now mysteriously been doubled, making the Gravesend option more attractive than Dartford.
    There is a growing belief that Highways England is in fact ‘engineering’ the data in this current consultation in order to support their preferred proposal, just as there is a widespread belief that Highways England is deliberately engineering the traffic delays on the approaches to the Dartford

  • We look forward to seeing everybody at the demonstration today!

    Say “NO” to Option C Demo

    Bring your posters, bring your friends, family, and yourselves to Community Square, Gravesend Civic Centre, 12.00 to 1.00 today!
    Don’t forget to do the KCC petition at…

  • Why should the Long Tunnel Variant at Dartford be the choice for the crossing?

    No need for Option C; No ‘new’ people exposed to noise or emission pollution;
    No need for a new bridge at Dartford either;
    Provides motorway-to-motorway link (Highways England’s clear preference);
    M25 through traffic no longer has to use the A282; it separates motorway and non-motorway traffic;
    It doesn’t interfere with the existing bridge or tunnels;
    Massive reduction in traffic, noise, and pollution through the populated parts of Dartford;
    Massive reduction in traffic through junctions 2, 1B, 1A, 30, & 31;
    No buildings need to be demolished;
    Minimal distrubance to the existing crossing while the work is carried out;
    5 or 6 miles of vehicle emissions can now be ‘captured’ and either filtered or directed away from population centres;
    A ‘Win-Win’ for Dartford & Gravesham;
    Would probably cost no more (maybe considerably less) than the cost of Option C and the bridge at Dartford which we all know is needed.

    It’s not as mad as you might think…

  • Transport Minister confirms that a crossing at Dartford is still on the table.

    The transport minister has pledged to the people of Gravesham, that a new Thames crossing could still be at Dartford.

    During a meeting yesterday (Tuesday), the Secretary of State for Transport Patrick McLoughlin spoke with MP Adam Holloway, council leader Cllr John Cubitt and opposition leader Cllr John Burden.

    He confirmed that Option A – a second bridge at Dartford – is still viable has not been ruled out.
    During the meeting, Gravesham representatives put their case against Option C – the lower Thames crossing proposed east of Gravesend.

    Afterwards Cllr Cubitt said: “The minister said he wanted to put on record that Option A is still absolutely on the table.

    “Highways England’s latest consultation certainly implies that a second bridge at Dartford is no longer under consideration but the Secretary of State – on whose shoulders the final decision rests – has made it clear that this is not the case.

    by Lizzie Massey Kent Business

  • Public health warning – Option C!

    Countryside campaigners are warning about the potential dangers the Lower Thames Crossing could pose on the local environment and the public’s health.

    Highways England is currently consulting on a crossing east of Gravesend, which could see a road built through the Gravesham countryside.

    The recommended route from Highways England starts from where the A2 merges with the M2 and then heads north toward the Thames.

    Alex Hills, a member of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, has warned pollutions from the road could damage local lives of people and nature.

    He said: “If certain plans do go ahead, Shorne Woods Country Park could end up sandwiched between two very busy roads, which could completely destroy any sense of tranquillity in the woodlands.

    “We’re talking about an area of ancient woodland, both aesthetically and environmentally building these roads will affect the land, with fauna being affected by the rise in pollutants

    “The green space east of Gravesend is an important green lung, its acts as a strategic gap between Gravesend, with out it we could see significant urban sprawl.
    Gravesend Reporter by Luke May

  • Say “NO” to Option C Demo

    Bring your posters, bring your friends, family, and yourselves to Community Square, Gravesend Civic Centre, 12.00 to 1.00 on Saturday 27th February!
    Don’t forget to do the KCC petition at…

  • Prime Minister David Cameron dismisses pleas to fix Dartford pollution before spending billions on new Thames Crossing

    Pleas to fix Dartford’s pollution problems before spending billions on a new Thames crossing have been dismissed by the Prime Minister.

    Speaking in response to concerns raised by the MP for South Basildon and East Thurrock, Stephen Metcalfe, David Cameron stressed the importance of moving forward when the public consultation closes next Thursday (March 24).Highways bosses want to build a second tunnel linking Gravesend with Tilbury in Essex, referred to in the consultation as option C, to ease Dartford’s traffic woes.

    Speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions this afternoon, Mr Metcalfe said: “Highways England are consulting on a new Lower Thames Crossing, with the preferred option C, which will divert 14 per cent of traffic from the existing Dartford Crossing.

    “Before spending billions on a new crossing, we should actually sort out the problems at the existing crossing, helping a greater number of motorists, improving illegal levels of poor air quality and improving the resilience of the M25 network.”
    (News Shopper)

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