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  • Why Option A is the answer – Mr Vaughan Clark

    Shorne and Higham are historic villages and should not be considered as a feeder for a 2nd Thames crossing. Travelling east from London, this area (Chalk, Shorne & Higham) is the first substantial green belt land and option C would effectively join Gravesham to the Medway towns. Is the intention to obliterate Shorne Country Park which hosts Grass Snakes, Frogs and Newts? Also to tarmac an area of natural beauty around Gads Hill where Dickins lived.
    We already have a network of roads in the vicinity of the current Thames crossing and feel these should be incorporated in an extension of the existing crossing.
    We are a small island and at some stage the concreting of the South East has to stop.

  • Will the Lower Thames Crossing follow HS2?

    The Treasury has this week announced that the HS2 budget is expected to more than double its original estimate. If this experience is applied to Option C of the Lower Thames Crossing the cost would be £11.42bn. If this increase is applied to Option A situated at the existing Dartford crossing the total would be £3.8bn. Even with this substantial increase it is still less the the existing price for Option C and offers the significant advantage that it will accommodate the traffic on the M25.
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    It is natural for anyone when they hear that a proposal will mean that their house will be blighted to join the NIMBY gang, but we all have to think beyond that and look at the bigger picture, as merely being a NIMBY will never win an argument.
    Looking extensively at the Option C plan one of its primary solutions in theory is that it would assist with the haulage traffic from Calais. But wait a minute we already have the solution for that, it’s called the Shuttle which is already built and vastly under-utilised. Why not in addition to the terminal at Ashford have a terminal at Thurrock, or even the land vacated by Fords at Dagenham. Haulage trucks could then swiftly travel from Calais to the selected new terminal north of the Thames in a very short space of time. Most haulage traffic is going north and by taking this option they would be swiftly on their journey without congestion on any road.
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  • Notes from Adam Holloway, Member of Parliament for Gravesham, on his meeting with the Secretary of State on Option C of the Lower Thames Crossing

    “This is the note I gave to the Secretary of State for Transport when I met him on Thursday 5th September. I am very grateful to abridge2far and to Nigel Miller of M and M Estates for their help in composing it
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  • Janice Emmott – Objections

    My objections are on the following grounds:

    The proposed project would be phenomenally expensive. Updating the Dartford crossing (possibly scrapping the tolls) would be far more economical, environmentally responsible, and far less disruptive.

    It would blight one of the VERY few green areas left in North Kent, for no good reason – including the Dickens marshes.

    There has been a lack of due process in the public consultation process. I am somebody who regularly reads newspapers, listens to local TV, and I open my post – but have heard nothing, except by word of mouth. This lack of information about such a huge, costly and controversial project does not give the public any chance to register their obejctions – is this what is intended?

  • Cllr Leslie Hills

    I am totally opposed to option C, as I will explain to the forthcoming meeting on Oct 17th. The area is ‘Green Belt’, prime agricultural land and of high scientific importance. It will considerably blur the distinction between Gravesham and Medway. Even with a tunnel there will no doubt be a need for another very quickly and then a bridge, as happened at Dartford. Soon, the green areas of Chalk, Shorne and Higham will become another ‘Crossways’ with hotels, Restaurants, warehouses and superstores You have my full support.
    Best wishes.
    Cllr Leslie Hills (Ward member for Chalk)

  • Radio Kent Breakfast Show investigates the proposed Thames Crossings

    The use of HSI to transport Cross Channel vehicles to a terminal north of the Thames was the subject of discussion on Radio Kent. This service: Read more