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  • Reconciliation Counselling

    Reconciliation Counselling

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  • Join us with Adam Holloway MP at Shorne Village Hall

    Adam Holloway, our local MP is in total support of our opposition to Option C for the Lower Thames Crossing and has agreed to address us all in the village hall on 17 October at 7:00p.m. With the proposed road so close to our villages it will affect us all.
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  • DartfordstyleCrossing

    Is this what you want by you?

    The route will devastate Chalk, Shorne and Thong. It will also badly affect Cobham and Higham as all our houses are blighted and will only be saleable at “knock down prices”.

    We will then have 6 years of major roadworks on our doorstep, with all of the inherent upheaval and inconvenience. It will be the end of our villages and the surrounding areas as we now know them.
Our communities, set in green and peaceful areas, are important and there will be no point moaning when the bull dozers arrive. We all need to take action now.
It’s not about stopping “progress” nor are we planning to chain ourselves to trees or assault policemen. However, there are several actions we can take now in a civilised manner to stop the calamity.

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  • cash

    Lower Thames Crossing Option C will cost £300 per UK family

    The Government itself says that the proposed Lower Thames Crossing Option C is predicted to cost £5.4Bn, that is equivalent to £300 for every family in the UK. However, that was at the 2010 prices – the datum level used in the Government’s consultation paper – these levels are obviously three years out of date. Option A which proposes a crossing at Dartford is forecast to cost £1.8Bn. That is £2,600,000,000 less or a reduction of £200 per family in the UK. These costs, already seriously out of date, can only increase as the project gets underway.

    The UK National debt continues to increase and still unnecessary spending like this is recommended. The traffic flow over the Dartford Bridge has consistently reduced since 2005 and in 2014 the removal of the tolls will offer a free flow of traffic and remove any current congestion.

    In times of austerity the choice should be obvious!

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  • Казино, Очередной Лохотрон?

    Казино, Очередной Лохотрон?

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