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Abridge2far has written to Patrick McLoughlin, Secretary of State for Transport, demanding that the Government urgently investigates the staggering 170% increase in the cost of an extra bridge at Dartford, and the mysterious doubling of ‘value for money’ claimed for the crossing east of Gravesend. During the previous consultation in 2013, the cost of a bridge at Dartford was estimated to be £1.25 billion, just 40% of the cost of a tunnel east of Gravesend. In the latest consultation documents, […]

We look forward to seeing everybody at the demonstration today!

Say “NO” to Option C Demo Bring your posters, bring your friends, family, and yourselves to Community Square, Gravesend Civic Centre, 12.00 to 1.00 today! Don’t forget to do the KCC petition at… But above all, DON’T FORGET TO DO YOUR CONSULTATION FORM! SAY NO TO OPTION C.

Why should the Long Tunnel Variant at Dartford be the choice for the crossing?

No need for Option C; No ‘new’ people exposed to noise or emission pollution; No need for a new bridge at Dartford either; Provides motorway-to-motorway link (Highways England’s clear preference); M25 through traffic no longer has to use the A282; it separates motorway and non-motorway traffic; It doesn’t interfere with the existing bridge or tunnels; Massive reduction in traffic, noise, and pollution through the populated parts of Dartford; Massive reduction in traffic through junctions 2, 1B, 1A, 30, & 31; […]

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I feel that better management of the Dartford crossing would alleviate the need for another crossing.The proposed route option C would blight Shorne,Chalk and Thong And Cause devastating damage to the very popular Country park and I am totally against it.
Rozel Ballantyne
This is to register my opposition to the proposed Lower Thames Crossing Option C. This proposal will devastate the country side and the stable community, instead invest in our railways.
Mr. Ranil Malleapah
I like thousands don't want this to ever happen in our local area its been spoilt enough already over the years just leave the countryside and our local patches well alone for us to enjoy how we should do.
Dean Anthony Evans
There is no substanstial evidence to prove that this lower thames crossing is needed. We should look to the existing crossing and how that can be better managed.
Joanne Gallivan
Surely it would make better economic sense to make better use of the existing road/rail infrastructure.
Michael Gallivan

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